Which ‘Friends’ Character Are You?

We all think we know which Friends character we are. But do we know, what they know we know? Take our quiz to find out whether you’re a Joey, Ross, Chandler, Rachel, Pheobe or Monica.

  • What is your favourite food?

    • Cheesecake
    • Chocolate (Mockolate)
    • Chinese takeaway
    • Pizza
    • Turkey sandwich
    • Grandma’s cookies
  • You are the ____ one of your friends

    • Funny
    • Flirty
    • Clean
    • Creative
    • Hot
    • Smart
  • What’s the first thing you would buy if you won the Lottery?

    • Buy lots of clothes
    • Invest it all
    • Go on holiday
    • Donate it to charity
    • Buy a sports car
    • Buy a home
  • You and your friends are throwing a party for the holidays, what’s your role?

    • Making the dessert
    • Making everyone laugh
    • I’m here for the food
    • Providing the entertainment
    • Bore everyone with conversation
    • I like to do everything
  • What best describes your personality?

    • Jokey
    • OCD
    • Aloof
    • Popular
    • Laid-back
    • Nerdy
  • What’s your top goal in life?

    • To be at the top of my career
    • To be famous
    • To find a great discovery
    • To help aid World Peace
    • To travel
    • To buy a house
  • What best describes your Friday night?

    • Enjoying a night in with my other half
    • On a date
    • Watching a Documentary
    • Being stuck at work
    • Online shopping
    • Hanging out with friends
  • Which best describes a fear of yours?

    • Lacking a sense of humor
    • Having a bad hair day
    • Being ‘normal’
    • Sharing food
    • Getting divorced
    • Not being able to please everyone
  • You’re at a coffee shop, what do order?

    • Almond milk Chai Latte
    • Warm milk
    • Americano
    • Caramel Macchiato, half whole milk, half non-fat, extra shot, extra-hot, extra-whip, sugar-free
    • Freakshake
    • Pumpkin Spiced Latte topped with whipped cream and spices
  • When you’re at the local Coffee Shop, you will be?

    • Checking people out
    • Working
    • Playing a gig
    • Striking up good conversation
    • Worried about how clean your apartment is
    • Cracking jokes at your friends expense
  • What would be your ideal pet?

    • Dog
    • Monkey
    • Rat
    • Cat
    • Goose
    • Chick
  • What best describes your type of relationship?

    • I’m with the one
    • Clingy
    • Sexual
    • Commitment-Phobe
    • I’m not a relationship type of person
    • Independant

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Written by Amrita Kalsey

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