Answer These Questions And We’ll Tell You Your Next Holiday Destination

Need an excuse to get away? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking to laze on a tropical island, explore the local culture, adventure into the great outdoors or you’re a complete city-goer, answer these questions and we’ll tell you where you’ll be jetting off to next.

  • How Desperate Are You For A Holiday?

    • I always need a holiday
    • I’m desperate to see the world
    • Well I usually go away once a year
    • Its a great excuse to buy new clothes
    • I’m not in need of one, but it would be nice
  • How Do You Spend Your Friday Night?

    • An Evening Walk
    • Reading A Book
    • On A Date
    • Having A Night In At Home
    • Out With Friends
    • Sleeping, Its been a long week
  • What Are You Having For Breakfast?

    • Pancakes, bacon and maple syrup
    • Smoothie bowl
    • Avocado on toast
    • Coffee and a pastry
    • Frittata
    • Full english
  • What Do You Like To Do Whilst On Holiday?

    • Relaxing. What else?
    • Exploring the local culture
    • Hiking
    • Eat new foods
    • Go shopping
  • Pick Your Dream Accommodation

    • Eco Lodge
    • Penthouse Apartment
    • Villa
    • Beach Bungalow
    • Hotel
    • Resort
  • Pick An Activity

    • Go Snorkeling
    • Take A Tour
    • Go Skydiving
    • Working My Way Around All The Restaurants
    • A Spa Day. That Counts Right?
    • Go On A Boat Trip
  • Who Do You Take On Your Holiday With You?

    • My other half
    • My bestfriend
    • My Family
    • My group of friends
    • My Parents
    • I travel solo
  • Pick A Drink

    • Glass of wine
    • Mojito
    • Beer
    • Coconut water
    • Long Island Iced Tea
    • Coffee
  • What Appeals Most To You

    • Countryside
    • Beach
    • Mountains
    • Town
    • City
    • Wherever the day takes me
  • Whats The Most Important Thing You Pack?

    • A Travel Guide
    • A Book
    • Your Sunglasses
    • Your Camera
    • Your Hiking Boots
    • Your Swimsuit

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