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Which ‘Friends’ Character Are You?

We all think we know which Friends character we are. But do we know, what they know we know? Take our quiz to find out whether you’re a Joey, Ross, Chandler, Rachel, Pheobe or Monica. More

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Shadowhunters Canceled By Freeform

Freeform has announced that the supernatural TV series “Shadowhunters” has officially been cancelled and will conclude with a special two-hour season finale for the second half of season 3. This may just be the worst news ever! The German film production company, Constantin claim to have lost its output deal from Netflix, who funded a large part […] More

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Coconut Oil – The Amazing Benefits And Why You NEED To Start Using It

If there’s one beauty product that every girl needs, it’s coconut oil. Look at it as your all-in-one for just about anything.  It’s a natural antibacterial, antifungal oil, packed full of antioxidants that your skin AND your purse will love. By introducing this all-natural miracle oil into your beauty regime will help to reduce many […] More

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Stylish IKEA DIY Hacks You Need To Try On A Tight Budget

IKEA, a household name, is famously known for it’s modernist, versatile yet inexpensive furniture (as well as it’s delicious meatballs). Shopping here doesn’t mean your home needs to be basic or boring, and we’ve searched high and low for the best IKEA hacks there are to add a sophisticated and bespoke touch to any home […] More

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