Top 10 Binge-Worthy Shows On Netflix

Black Mirror

Essentially a modern day Twilight Zone, British sci-fi series Black Mirror has become an international phenomenon. The series presents an ominous look of what our near-future could look like if our technologically dependent lifestyles went too far. Every episode reveals a new story but carries the same undertone to reveal a terrifying twist at the core of every ending. The best thing?  each instalment can be watched in any order. Genius!

The Crown

This Netflix Original is the latest period drama that’s got everyone hooked. It follows the life of Britain’s longest-reigning and current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II and the trying dynamic of her juggling a private and public life  The Crown is an immersive drama that misses nothing down to every last detail and it’s no surprise that’s its Netflix’s most ambitious TV show to date, costing a rumoured £130m to produce. There is no doubt that this is a well researched and expertly crafted series that ticks all the boxes, with only two seasons available there’s no better time to start.

Peaky Blinders

Set in 1920s Birmingham, England, just after WWI Cillian Murphy plays an ambitious Thomas Shelby, head of the Birmingham gang Peaky Blinders. The show presents a rich narrative with gritty storylines that look at the conflicts between gangsters, communists and the IRA at the time. With nothing but an exceptional cast, Peaky Blinders is an intense, brutal and captivating tv series that doesn’t disappoint viewers over its four incredible seasons.

Mad Men

Even after a decade since it was premiered, Mad Men still remain very much at the front as one of the greatest TV shows. Set in 1960’s New York City it follows an ad agency on Madison Avenue trying to survive during one of Americas most turbulent periods. Unfortunately, the series is fantastic from start to finish so be prepared to put in the hours.


With season 2 in the works, there’s no better time to start. This gripping thriller looks into and tracks the formation of psychological profiling, in an attempt to catch killers through understanding the behaviour of criminals. In the show, we follow two FBI agents, who conduct the interviews with convicted serial killers in order to catch those still on the loose. Mindhunter is a show that will engage you on multiple levels, drawing you more in as the series progresses, unfolding to what feels more like a film. If you have a day solely dedicated to bingeing you could probably do this one in a day.

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