7 Tips To Help You Get A Better Nights Sleep

Who doesn’t love sleep? So it’s hard to imagine that many of us find it difficult to get to sleep at night, resulting in us feeling tired from the moment we wake up. Fortunately, we’ve found the best 7 best tips to help you get back on track to a blissful nights rest.

Put The Caffeine Down

Yes, you’ve probably heard of this one before, but actually, how many of us are still tempted to make that hot drink after dinner? According to studies consuming caffeine up to three hours before bed can disrupt your body clock by one hour. What caffeine does is delay the level of melatonin, the body’s sleep hormone. This hormone is responsible for telling your body when to go to sleep and when to wake up, so you may want to think again the next time you reach for that coffee jar.

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Clean Out The Clutter

This one’s more important than you think. If you’re having problem’s trying to switch off in bed, clutter or disorganisation could be stopping you from drifting off. Remember your bedroom isn’t a living room or office, so by having potential distractions in there your brain finds it hard to switch off.

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Get Greener

You’ve seen the trend all over Pinterest, not only can houseplants make your home look beautiful, they can also have incredible health benefits too. By introducing plants such as Aloe Vera, Peace Lily and Mother-in-Law’s Tongue to your bedroom they’ll help to raise oxygen levels and detoxify your bedroom’s air, hopefully resulting in a restful nights sleep.

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Beat The Blue Light

Using electronics at night is a big no-no if you’re looking to get a restful nights sleep. Artificial light, particularly blue light suppresses the body’s ability to produce the sleep cycle hormone, melatonin. By eliminating blue light an hour before bed you allow the body to prepare for sleep, so next time ditch the device.

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