WWE To Put An End To Rusev Day?

The day that fans have feared could be soon upon us. As you all know, today is Rusev Day, Yesterday was Rusev Day and tomorrow will, of course, be Rusev Day. But there seems to be plans in motion to have the most popular holiday in WWE cancelled after the announcement last month from the man himself seems all the more obvious.

With the tweet being almost a month old and before Wrestlemania 34, fans could have expected it to be anything but the future of Rusev Day. What with the Superstar shakeup around the corner, Rusev’s controversial presence on Twitter and especially since he’s had his monthly haircut.

However, things seem almost crystal clear now after last week on Smackdown Live we saw Rusev and English backstage planning to regroup after they were both figuratively and literally buried by The Undertaker at The Greatest Royal Rumble. But as the camera panned the WWE Universe erupted as they welcomed Lana’s return. And she seemed adamant that she knew who was holding Rusev back.

It sounds almost mad that despite their merch sales, crowd support and being insanely over with the WWE Universe that Rusev and English not only are still being booked as heels. But are yet be granted a significant push. Sure, Rusev was booked into contention for the US Title and they were both tag team title contenders, but surely that is not enough for being so over with the fans.

Is Aiden English’s time in Rusev Day over? Let us know in the comments below! And we have to ask, who will sing Rusev’s entrance now??

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Written by Lee Mitchell

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