Stylish IKEA DIY Hacks You Need To Try On A Tight Budget

IKEA, a household name, is famously known for it’s modernist, versatile yet inexpensive furniture (as well as it’s delicious meatballs). Shopping here doesn’t mean your home needs to be basic or boring, and we’ve searched high and low for the best IKEA hacks there are to add a sophisticated and bespoke touch to any home that you’ll be wanting to head down to your nearest IKEA store.

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1. Bekväm Step Stool

The Bekvam Step Stool, an IKEA favourite at £13 ($19.99) might just look like a step stool. But this versatile piece has an endless potential that can be used in every room of your house, from a bedside table to a beautiful miniature garden. Here are some examples of what can be done with a few minor modifications.Living Room Side Table (Left), Miniature Garden Piece (Centre), Elegant Nightstand (Right)

2. Bekväm Spice Rack

As one of IKEA’s most iconic hacks this Bekväm spice rack is a steal at £3 ($3.99), but don’t let it be reduced to just holding spices. These can be used to create a multitude of ingenious storage solutions.Bedside Shelf/Wall Light (Left), Office Shelving (Centre), Nursery Shelving (Right)

3. Marius Stool

These plush stools can come with a hefty price tag. However, you can make this at a fraction of the price using the Marius Stool at just £4 ($4.99) and a fluffy cushion of your choice. Pass the nearest glue gun!DIY Fur Stool 

4. Skogsta Bench

Put down the needle and thread. You don’t need to be an expert in upholstery for this hack. In fact, this can be done by a complete beginner. And the results are more than outstanding. All you’ll need is the IKEA Skogsta Bench priced at £40 ($79.99) a staple gun, some foam and your choice of upholstery fabric to create this one off lux piece which looks anything but IKEA.DIY Mudcloth Upholstered Bench

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